Dr. Vaidurya Sahi (KIT): Plants of India

Datum/Zeit: 18/10/2020 11:00 - 12:00

Veranstaltungsort: Botanischer Garten am KIT


A botanical garden with different species in a given area, is  something to learn from in context to communal and social harmony. When different plant species from different geographical locations can survive in the  same place, when provided with proper climate and growth conditions, then why can’t humans. Plants around us give us a sense of calmness and tranquility and this is what makes the botanical gardens  or gardens in general a good place for bringing society together. Plants have been a major driving force behind the making of history. Life itself in its present form owes a lot to the plants, religions could not have flourished without certain plants and history of human civilization would be blank if we remove plants from the scene. With this in mind we propose to give a platform for the public (government and private organizations) to showcase history and importance of plants in context to present day global problems like climate change, social insecurity, health issues and above all divisions in the society emerging out of political conflicts. The Botanical Garden of KIT takes the opportunity to bring to you a guided tour showcasing the plants of India keeping in mind the above mentioned points. There has been a long tradition of exchange of plants between India and Europe. Exotic plants like the Ficus benghalensis were introduced for royal gardens. In the beginning the plants for aesthetic value or some like cinnamon and indigo for trade. But today the exchange is huge with plants like moringa, tulsi, turmeric finding way in the European market. In the guided tour we will walk through the garden and hear stories related plants of India in context to mythology, trade, health and last but not the least politics.

Teilnahmegebühr: 5 €, 3 € ermäßigt


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